on joy, grief and unsaid in-betweens

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“If only they could listen with their hearts & not their minds,
maybe then they would understand that often times it’s the
emotions not spoken that are longing to be heard.” ? Christine Upton

On Joy

Pink suffused face
Heartening(ly) aglow
Eyes dancing inebriated by joy
That pianos wave after wave

On Grief

Deflated spirit blighted, bent
Over in tandem with droopy shoulders
Eyes clouded by hurt, lips quivering in grief
As if a heavy stone lay on a shaken heart

On Unvoiced In-Betweens

Emotions play fast and loose
Macrame(ing) life and weathering
Becomes a challenge- to hang onto self
Esteem foiling dead giveaways

Cutting words julienne dignity
Life doesn’t play fair as we know it
One sided love bewilders as unvoiced
Hurts weave webs of abject sadness
nothing haunts like the unsaid !
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