on aging


as I inch closer
to becoming a senior
I fall back on times
that ran whole gamut
of emotional thunder
utter joy of carefree
toddler years, torn frocks,
runny noses, streaming eyes
nicks, black eyes, blissful
dances in pelting monsoons
snake charmers, street
magicians. gifted
storytellers, song fests
dumb charades, hide and
seek, seven tile games
Ouija boards’ conjured
gooseflesh, under table
shin kicks, slapstick humor
sleepovers, pushovers
awareness of birds, bees
faith, prayer wrought
miracles and magic
charlatans taking off
with young girls, foolish
rainbow hues of festivals
picnics, overnight trips
vacations, brush with strange
characters, thieving monkeys
sharing meals with walk in monks
needy off the street, pilgrims
learning early on to bite back tears
as tragedy after tragedy struck
earthquakes, war planes’ banshee
payload drops, drowning, observing,
sifting fakers from heart broken at funerals
moments that still chill heart, congeal
blood is when mom left of own free will
fleshy innards gnawed by inimical cells,
like silver fish pock marking precious, one
of kind treasured books, heartbreakingly
departures timely, untimely
of loved ones, rent heart bloody body
scars scabbing permanently, we learn
to stoically trudge life best way possible
hanging on to faith for dear life~

*image is from the internet only -disclaimer


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