O oarsman:   Pray, take me away

Where breath gets robbed by glinting  Teary eyed snow capped mountains   Under the onslaught of warming kisses  By egg yolk suns

Paddle away where rivers  Incoherently babble in fish schools  with frogs joining in song fests  To croak away grief

Meander for mulling in streams  Full of rampant spawning salmon  Iridescence agleam in limpid waters  Washing soul’s grime spanking clean

Canoe gently in rain forests  Where leaves sway in harmony, sunlight  Dappling chiaroscuro webs and entranced  Trees stay absorbed in vertical races, majestic

O oarsman:  Allow me to thus rediscover inner child  Who launched paper boats in rain puddles   In ebbulience sang folk songs slightly out of tune    Body and soul armored in love strong~

Take me away,   O Oarsman,  I beseech you   Take me away~

*painting is by Henri Rousseau*



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