Nothing, Everything

Day began with a roach
Lying belly up, very much
Alive despite extreme
Eco controls – guess it felt
… tad hot under collar in boiler
room for the likes of it and
decided to hot crawl to cooler
bedroom floor to lie about in-
and I let the sleeper, lie~

government offices weary me
usually right hand knows not
what left is doing meanwhile yours
truly twiddled thumbs, patience
taking a hike; finally glazed eyes later,
left wilted and limp sighing in relief
and then had to deal with another issue,
when it’s a punishing day, it goes whole hog;
At times too much efficiency is its own downfall~

Despite everything,
I usually find saving graces
Being always up for sunny smiles banishing
Clouds of annoyance; then last night I finally broke
A run of bad luck in scrabble and scored 423
much to my delight and a feeling poorly hubby’s
Disgust -he was under the weather and not up to par
but a win is a win and am NOT nay saying that! So there!
the odds were tipped in my favor but regardless, Ganesh
Is as sharp as a tack with memory of an elephant~

A nothing day finally gave me a win
Doesn’t take much to make me happy
being small fry~


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