-(Highlights )

Happy playing with piled seven tiles
Hide and seek and outdoor games
Life was a glorious refreshing breeze

Radio was a connector to world
Beyond our cozy nest with news
Tunes, stories, narrated dramas

Suddenly inventions made inroads
And we got to view silent black white
And later Technicolor movies galore

Movies suddenly became small boxes
Called television and we got our own
Personal beamed eye candy variegated

Rotary phones stationary became cordless
And we were able to roam with them freely
Telexes, fear bearing telegrams became faxes

Expansive outside world where we lorded
Over freely in friendly herds, shrank to huddles
At home, eyes glued to idiot boxes, boxed music

Meeting, visiting, greeting friends, family
Sans “by your leave” prior notices, became
Restricted meetings, time, mutually appointed

Knowledge expanded mind, shrank worlds
As we took to e-connections preferring virtual
To real life, flesh and blood heart to heart meets

World has now exploded into the “I” world
IPhone, IPad, Wii, Ibooks and what not are “IN”
Real people, real paper books are passé “out”

My life’s favorite highlights no genius can replicate
Glaciers, Mountains, Lake Tahoe, Garden of God, Bryce
And Grand Canyon, Cappadocia, eye popping dunes, caverns

No, I am not headed back to the Flintstones
Merely long to roam carefree as in childhood
Without any fear of molestation or muggings~

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