No Doula here..

No Doula here…

Labor pains being
What they are, come in waves
Why do they choose pre-dawn
Is still a mystery..

Last night, agog, tad crazed
Hoping against hope for a win
Held mega millions lottery ticket
In my hot wrinkled fist

Then it dawned, chasing big dreams
I’d overlooked brief bracing showers
Countless blessings, miracles occurring
Daily, bestowed, unsought upon me…

Friends unmet in flesh, had reached out
And largely helped publish my poems
Of own free will, unprompted and then
You tube rendition of my love for my beloved

I have been graced time after time
Lost in euphoria I never checked whys
Wherefores, heart full of joy at another’s
Expansive largesse, I went with the flow..

Every day is a gift verily, crisp
Spanking twenty four hours to spend
Any which way I damn well please
Sans checks, frowns, thundering brows..

Have been denied, much put upon
Put down, dominated mentally, untapped
Strength bestowed pushed me in survival mode
Allowing weathering for years four and twenty

Callow, ill informed, culturally bound
I disallowed my spirit to break, deform
Tired bad karma, finally petered out
Allowing me to fly free, wings singed

The strength to stick it out
The small cracks that allowed light
To rent never ending darkened nights, days
Form the fabric of my beloved infinite grace~

These days I thrill at everything
A flower delicately opening, playful squirrel,
Puppies, sky scrapers, songs, friends, free sky
All afford joy in jots, daily over running my cup


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