My spirit was down
My body battered
My will shattered
A haven was needed
A haven was found

Scared and bleary ravens are we
Gathered in safe havens are we
Conserving our energies are we
All rebuilding ourselves are we
Slowly rising phoenixes are we

Shreds of remnant dignity gathered
Patched n quilted into a colorful whole
A bit worn, a bit tatty yet our very own
These seeds of courage we have sown ‘cos
Now no amount of hardship can make us moan

These quilts of freedom bring us cheers
As free are we from blood bruises and tears
We adorn colors that are bright and cheerful
We have shed the color yellow oh so fearful
As there is no return ever to a life so shameful

We are strong today
We are invincible today
Our shakiness is a thing of yesterday
Our confidence is rebooting hard and fast
As no guilt n hardship willmake us downcast!

Our roots of freedom are firmly planted
For mother earth are we, no longer daunted
No  storms or tornadoes  can make us uproot
We will take chances, defy odds and bear fruit
Sweet freedom, peace and joy will be our loot!!!

(above was written after working at a shelter for battered  people)

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.
-Isaac Asimov


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