the large Egret and a Godwit. The latter is migratory and the former a resident


I am an Egret and my life has no regret!
I stay in one place and accept what I get

I am Godwit, to survive I hang on to my wits
Like life, I am migratory, transient and swift

Stilts. Two of them. Reflecting on life!

Aptly named Stilts, legs skinny twice size of  bodies
Naturally graceful preserving self yipping like rowdies!!

Discerning ones know our bark is worse than bite
Ignorants run  like cowards refusing to stay n fight!!



In the Nalsarovar. A beautiful lotus.

The surrounding beauty gives  impetus and joy
Beating endemic stagnation, a rising phoenix am I !!

I represent nature’s two sides, the  light n the dark
I awaken hope in the hopeless beating many odds

****************************************** beautiful pictures courtsey AVINASHJEE)


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