His remark was on target, a precise incision
Piercing her soft tender heart, a gory vision

Where had their infinite mutual love slunk
Reservoirs of their affection dried, sunk?

Their romance was a much  touted affair
People spoke about it then, everywhere

The marriage and long guest list of VIPs
Ballroom reception and honeymoon trips

All were the talk of the town, a grand event
A frantic planning with lots of money spent

Soon all excitement subsided,  routine crept in
An uneventful life with work and play therein

Until one fine day,  they were visited by the stork
All concerned toasted and sang, popping the cork

The twins made a rocking entry rocking her boat
Attention was diverted from him, as was her wont

He resented time spent with babies and his resultant neglect
She was hard put to convince him babies needed her to protect

He was an only, rich child conditioned to be always number one
Thus he forgot paternal duties, blinded by selfish needs, rotten

Thwarted, he began to dislike his baby sons much to her chagrin
As mom, she was helpless, as lover she cringed at this, life’s tailspin

Blinded by his own neglect and imaginary slights he began to stay out
Her busy day flew in maternal duties and nights became total blackout

Finally matters came to a head, he found love and attention in other arms
She was heartbroken, then she The MOM took up cudgels like firearms

She returned home to her old nest with twins sleeping on her loving breast
Grandparents, friends rallied around like a fort, assured she will top this test

Indomitable fighting spirit made her shine as mom, daughter and entrepreneur
Business thrived as the twins survived immersed in love, soon becoming mature

Role reversal took place and soon reins changed hands with change of guard
Twins were both level headed knowing well what real life and living were about

The old curmudgeon meanwhile was left alone as fair weather friends flew away
Full of shame he recalled now forgotten mistreated family in past he did betray

Repentance ate like a canker into his grieving soul as he lay dying, calling her name
His lament penetrated her soul, with twins she reached his bedside without any blame

Father n sons bid farewell, only one solitary paternal blessing worth a lifetime
She forgave all his trespasses as experience had taught her to live a life sublime

His final journey began where he was again the CYNOSURE of all weeping eyes
His departing soul thus rejoiced as this came to pass finally at his own demise!!!



A little neglect may breed great mischief:..for want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the rider was lost.
Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1758

Selfish persons are incapable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either. – Erich Fromm  American, Psychologist Quotes
Men are what their mother’s made them. Emerson, The Conduct of Life, 1860

As selfishness and complaint pervert the mind, so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision. – Helen Keller American, Author Quotes
Pity the selfishness of lovers: it is brief, a forlorn hope; it is impossible.
Elizabeth Bowen Irish, Novelist Quotes

Maternity is on the face of it an unsociable experience. The selfishness that a woman has learned to stifle or to dissemble where she alone is concerned, blooms freely and unashamed on behalf of her offspring. – Emily James Putnam

Whoever loves becomes humble. Those who love have, so to speak, pawned a part of their narcissism. – Sigmund Freud Austrian, Psychologist


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