My Books

Book 1 – poems

My Heart On my Sleeve  (collection of poems)

link:  Heart

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Book 2- short stories

called Ripples

link:     ripples

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Book 3 – poems

Handful of Fireflies Vol 1 (recent release- Feb 2011)

available at

The link :  fireflies

And the book :


” Writing allows me to vent. Written word enthralls me. I have an ongoing romance with it as they always tango in my head! I use them to effectively convey shades, nuances of life interactions, surviving and achieving serenity. It is subjective in as much as aboard this vehicle, I can project my being’s essence, experiences, small triumphs, failures and final acceptance of who and what I am- what makes me tick. ”

Book 4 – a joint collaboration Between Paul Donohue’s Photographs and my words:
here is the link :