My World

My world is
Self contained
In my two hands

I emerged with two tightly
Shut fists, about immediate past
Wailing, about my future- wondering

Gently unfurling my palms
I first contemplated the headline
~A world of dreams done, undone

Head chock full of dreams impaled
By destiny, a mere handful realized
Sitting pretty at rainbow’s end

Traversing passages of time and
Empty corridors of sighs, my aging
Aspirations asphyxiated having lost steam

However,my heart line is that trough
With deep pools of longings, limpid
Waters rippling serenity and love

Finicky fortune lines meander
Break and firm up in fickle trickles
I’ve curtailed my wants in self preservation

Planetary mounds at bases of my fingers
Dip and rise like sand dunes- prettily
Perceived, deceiving in intrinsic value

The divined lines and whorls and curves
The rings, gaps and color of skin matter little
These days, my head, heart and mind are in sync

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