my three little friends

I simply adore the three little friends I’ve made on my street
Simon (his name is pronounced as Simone-the latin way) – he is half Latin half Jewish and same age as my 6+ grand-daughter – we do have animated conversations whenever I run into him. He knows me from day one -you see
Then Gabriel- (three plus) he is half Korean and Half English – he is too darn cute and now has a lil sister named Maya. Gabriel’s llittle girlfriend Georgina was in Italy for a few months but is now back and Gabriel is on cloud nine.
Gabriel- loves to take Ganesh’s name over and over- guess he likes the feel of it on his tongue.
Lucero is almost three -fully Latin with a crown of curly brown hair, and dark brown eyes and my heart completely melts whenever I see him. He now shyly replies to all my queries.
they are my treasures as they make me deliriously happy
Image is of Gabriel as a baby
lastly as I’ve lived on this street over fifteen years – the little boys from before are now entering college or already in college – these kids are unfailingly polite and courteous to me and a couple of them have offered to even help carry my stuff as I huff and puff up the slope as we do live in Park Slope and the slope is very much there !
one little Chinese girl Bailey who was adopted is very friendly to me whenever her adopted parents are looking elsewhere – they are rather reserved even though the agent who sold them their brownstone is a friend and introduced me to them !
guess it takes all sorts…


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