My Son

I’ll have you know
You are close to my heart
Though we are miles apart
We may not see eye to eye
Emotions may run bit high
Spring of your mom’s love
Will ever flow and never die


Silently gurgling blessings
From the sub terrain regions
Of umbilically unsevered heart 
Folded hands beseech constantly
Safe returns from nocturnal forays
Heart swells with pride and dismay
A soldier being ever in harm’s way


Salt of the earth are all men in uniform
Bravely sweating blood guts and then some
Rain snow sunshine marching ever inexorably
Duty paramount engaging enemy courageously
Life limb sacrificed of self and family thereof
All go with the territory I know but still son know
My ostrich love buries head in sand and snow!!


Your little angel is my ray of sunshine
God’s messenger inebriating moonshine
All worries concerns simply wash away
When I hear her happy gurgling babbles
Branch olive from you to me is so sweet
Filling void in heart and my joy replete
Calming love turbulent and ebullient heartbeat



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