My Eyes

These twin orbs are fraternal at best, foes at worst~ bina

The left felt sad
And cried, the right
Gleamed, rejoiced

Left lamb, sacrificial
At hands of greedy physician
Right horrified, sympathized

Lashes of both often fan
My chubby cheeks, lids, shuttered
Hiding twinned contradictions

I laugh when they weep
Startling them into beaming
Brimful of mischief

In this life of shadow play
Cloudy sunny days, this mind
Of mine, joins the fray

Have learnt to trick
Myself and my involuntary
Responses Pavlov(ian)

Pendulum of happiness inexorably
Swings to and fro, I’ve taught myself
To simply enjoy the movements

These days, left and right eyes
Gladly suffer one another
like any ordinary couple ~


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