My Bundle of Joy

My Bundle of Joy
I can be neither shy nor coy
Regarding my bundle of joy

My lap was empty, heart sad
Bewildered I asked am I so bad?

You said there is always a reason
And proper time for every season

Your time is not ripe yet
But it is high time we met

Like a cool refreshing breeze
She wiped my hot brow’s crease

My heart was a parched desert
Her tinkling laugh wiped all hurt

The cup of my joy spilled over
Beholding impish angel  sent over

She peopled my dreams and my days
Conversing, demanding in her plays

We played truant, hide and seek
And when found she gave a shriek

She was naughty and ate the mud
I rinsed the tiny mouth of my bud

I became the loving happy mamma
She  played with me my lucky charmer


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