MY 2010 Resolve

On January first 2010
I resolved to be happy
For the rest of my life

I heard in the a.m. on the telly
We are all spiritual beings in
 reality, on a human journey

Taking that thought in mind
I tread 86400 seconds in total
Finding self in a world blissful

We are all time travelers
Meeting greeting parting
Some lingering connecting

The key is to let go old n welcome
New with a different bent of mind
A fine tuned perception now refined

A whole new world opened up
Before my eyes and old hurtful
Baggage mattered not in this light

Living with grace and ever vigilant
Never sully self in thought or intent
Ultimately destiny too favors the valiant


Thus I embark on another journey
With my slant to life freshly renewed
Now life will ever be happiness strewed


thus I planted a geranium in my cranium!

 (picture from internet)


© binagupta., all rights reserved.


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