most mornings

Morning’s kimono
at wee, wee hours
left sleeve, routine filled
right gradually filled to bursting
with bated breath’s
“aha” gleanings

Silence’s velvet belly gets
tickled by morning ragas
Paeans to pleasure inner beloved
mantra notes gradually ballooning in air
waltzing with dust motes match lit
by dawns, beaming

blissfully cocooned
in habitual serenity’s
spritz without drenching
I relish these well earned
nirvanic moments
me to me

Relentless staccato zings of front doorbell
crack morning’s fragile beauty, unhurried
I take my time to rise and shine
Let in, interspersed between sips of chai
From dainty porcelain cup as break in routine
Is tantamount to sacrilege
and I wasn’t having any

streets outside are still sporting
pristine practicing medico jackets
I crinkle chilled nose pressed
To glass door, gradually revived
unlike Eskimos merely by palm rubs
while hastening indoors to slide
under covers with alacrity ~

Prospect Point, Niagara Falls, Derek Gee, Buffalo News



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