Morning Jots

Saturday August 6, 2011


Off the stoop
swooped off feet almost
By serious senior jogger


A morning stroller having
Serious conversation with
Self, no cell phones in sight


Another simpatico chiming in
with a chuckle or two, to which the
serious stroller paid scant heed to


around corner the majestic stalwart tree
fast losing leaves and its bark, still dogs find
it attractive enough to leave their mark or two


Red hook Lobster pound truck pulls
in at the curb sleepily, driver’s
companion jumps off for coffee, languidly


the sedate nail salon Tibetan filly
hurrying to work food laden, dressed
in skinny skimpy top and bottoms, cheeky


sleepy dad pushing baby carriage with blue towel
draped over shoulders and mini life jacket, toddler
gnawing at own fist gustily in toothy cravings


another seven foot dad carrying own mini chip
on shoulders, hot footing towards his favorite
Connecticut Muffin-weekend haunt for chat


a young lady wearing old Greek style leather
shoes, open toed with backs embellished with
busy bells and whistles and lots of bling


An old lady on other hand wearing canary yellow
tee shirt emblazoned with words “Love Child”
followed by pencil thin black tight tights


the most precious sight of all was of a senior
couple sauntering arm in arm nattily dressed, best
lookers ever this extreme north-east side of Miami beach









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