Images dapple

Light and shadow
From eaves~

Pages of life’s
Folio leaves~

Your beloved
Face keeps rippling
In mind’s waves

Another dozen months
Have elapsed since you’ve
Been gone

Yet you arrive daily
In my heart amidst fanfare
Of morning ragas and chants

Pure love such as yours has
Etched a tattoo on my heart
In such a way

It will perish
Only when
I am gone

You left
You arrive daily
With pangs of joy, pain

I miss you so, mom
I am much older than what you were
When you left

Yet wiser beyond words
I clearly recall those enchanting
Words softly spoken

Your love runs in my veins
And as I chant my beloved’s name
Your image superimposes

How do I reconcile your loss
In this life’s heat, yes I loved
You for cool shade you provided

But do know I now realize
The intrinsic value of love that
You daily showered on us

And pray that I too
Can muster a tenth
Of what you had

I so miss you
And love you

I so miss you
And love you

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