Misty Musings

Misty Musings

Washed by the soft golden light of dawn
Rinsed to sparkle by erring cloudlet in morn
Peals of happy-go-lucky laughter abound
Grandpa’s house echoed such gleeful sounds

Deeply embedded in halcyon days of summer
Golden months away from home sans murmur
Kite flying and exploration is every dark cranny
Ever chided and cajoled by a frail doting granny

Those horse and buggy rides to the park
Rivalry with cousins and siblings sparks
Amidst sounds of cow moos n mews n barks
Always on the lookout for more daring larks

Bitten by the muse held many impromptu shows
Amidst sudden outbursts of furious raging rows
Calming gentler tones of elders to mollify n cow
All come rushing to fore in pleasurable waves now!!

Those lazy crazy days of gone by summers
Knock on memory’s door in soft murmurs
Foggy mind n misty eyes recall times sublime
If only we could go back in time often times


(picture by Komlet)


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