Mind’s Imprints


Image is via Kolory Indii

Mind’s imprints

Smitten by love
These eyes know not
when to moisten
Or dry

Coded DNA gambols two ways
Whispering messages prying away
from present hurling down
Dusty, beaten by-lanes

Ancient rackety doorways
Full of character, dilapidated
Spines erect, rubbing shoulders
With flashy cars, noisy

Whoops emanating full throttle
Exuberantly from piebald roofs’
Peeled paints peeling away veneers
Cultivated in metropolises

Leaping out, out of pain
Riddled body playful mind
Zooms off, a whooshing genie co-
Mingling with kite flying buddies

Mind steps, side steps being
A chess knight on look out
For main chances, shielding
Inner flame ruling body

Palm prints, first baby steps
Are those treasure maps
In feasts, festivals’ romps
Reclaiming roots with alacrity


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