Mind Droppings in Real Time






His startled eyes

Flickered in interest

Her heels clicked disdainfully

Cute toddler tapped on glass

Pointing to expensive showcased house

Offering fistful of gummy bears in exchange


Lone trash sifting homeless man

Fills me with amazement and dismay

His dignified standoffishness, keeps help at bay

Other panhandlers lurk in corners

Their tinny voices keep time

With jingle of coins in paper cups


These permanent fixtures

Fill me with confused ambivalence

Should I give or not and to which one

The portly middle aged bespectacled musician

Often fills our hood with his eclectic magical notes

His violin case soon gets filled with appreciative votes


On daily basis I face whole gamut of emotions

Stupidity, wisecracks, indifference, rudeness, enthusiasm

One learns to take all sorts in one’s stride despite chasms

Work days are thus maneuvered with aplomb

Certain days pass by quickly, other times

Excruciatingly slow minutes are tough to kill


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