Mind and heart both
Resonate, resound with love
For my eternal beloved

They have room
For none else
I so believe

Then I see pictures
Of my two grandkids and
Both melt, making room for them

What is it with a grandmother(ly)
Heart?  Silly putty weak as it is
For sinfully dark chocolate candy

It also melts and caves
At sights of nature
Birds, puppies, cats

It swells at sight
Of bravery of armed
Forces, acts of kindness

Mind enjoys great music
Masterpiece paintings
And visual beauty

Heart however melts
At sight of imperfect
Hapless cowed beaten

Everyone has a place
In my heart and then
It dawns, my beloved

Resides in them all
Sunsets and sunrises
Rainbows, thunderstorms

Tornadoes, hurricanes
Tsunamis and floods and
In a fragile centipede, flower~

Painting is by Henri Rousseau


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