mighty voice – justification


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Mighty Voice (MV) boomed “Justify yourself”

With a tinny frightened voice I squeaked “who me?” are you sure? Why this honor?

I’ve done nothing to merit it – in fact these days I am having a tough time even breathing and it is your fault entirely!

Leave alone that, I am unable to even justify my MS Word documents – even there I get defiance!

Shocked Mighty Voice (MV) toned down and spluttered, “How come? “

I said, “You MV, year in year out unleash tree pollen and other “summery frippery” all over the air waves robbing our breath –

It behooves you to return every single one of my stolen breaths – when you do that I’ll try and justify my existence!”

MV was silenced.
I woke up fighting for every drawn breath –   And the labor continues…



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