Metro Train

you wend your way
across the city
you know no barriers of
race, color, caste, creed
you gorge them all
regardless, sublimely!!!
Disgorging humanity
hither and thither
an endless journey
without respite.
No room for deviation
no room for error
rain or shine
you wend your way
stealthily hissing in and out
of various stations
pythonlike gorging and disgorging

Commuter — one who spends his life in riding to and from his wife
And man who shaves and takes a train, and then rides back to shave again.
E(lwyn) B(rooks) White
1899-1985, American Author, Editor

You never have to BUY a ticket for the happiness train, if you run really fast
beside it you will eventually hop on for free! Sometimes you get a couple of
bumps or scratches along the way but nothing that wasn’t worth the ride.
Zahra Khalani


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  1. I love NY and I love this poem!

    Submitted by Steve on September 12th, 2007 11:01 pm

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