memories never die


Frida Kahlo Exhibit

memories never die
yes, I should know
as my head is rarely
bent over tablets, phones
being busy juicing real life
sudden tilt of my head
piece of jewelry, new watch
remind me of your chubby
fair wrists and neck sporting
these and I feel wistfully sad
we had a lot of bad blood
and much that was good too
that’s how most blood ties
bind, good, bad, ugly all,
together for long hauls

you rescued me always
when life grievously mauled
snarling and being unduly harsh
doctoring by cruelty in order to be kind
forcing my hand angrily ironing out spine

in retrospect I better comprehend
you now even though its too late
you no longer live and breathe
yet I visit you every day when I
see you reflected in my face

thank you for all
that you unstintingly
bestowed in your own
unique way, unusual
yet salubrious all the way
painting is by Freda Kahlo


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