This past chilly drab
Season of ice melts,   …
Hot spicy chilly soups
And revved droopy
Physical mental
Time has relented
As clocks have melted

Snug inside
Layered clothing
Palms cupping countless
Steamy mugs, often spirit
Had risen fallen mercurially
Trees outside the two tall
Glass bay windows
Are finally seeding
Hope as icy grips
On branches
Have thawed

St. Paddy’s day Parade
With mint and grasshopper
green shamrock fanfare
And cheery bands
Herald demise of hoary
Winter and spring’s
Verdant advent as clocks
Have already sprung
An hour forward

Time to air
Dust bunnies
From closets
Banish lurking
Maudlin thoughts
Bring forth light
Summery colors

Step forward
With spring in steps
Mood upbeat, humming~


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