Blur of flavors     Colorful servings   In rainbow appetizer

An ode to February grayed by snow  I offered daubs of summer notes  In a solemn requiem for winter

To expedite its exit, I’ve  commenced a psyching coax to ease  Out no longer welcome “Frosty”

Carrot noses have oddly  Stayed put on snowmen  In icy thaw delay

Yesterday, ventured out  Bravely, amidst “watch out”    Warnings after three slipped, fell

Brisk air felt good despite “brrr”  Chilled to the bones indifferent body  Cowered, mummified in onion layers

Slipping puppies and dogs   Hastily strained to get back inside  Cozy heat warmed interiors

Stoop stairs were ice patterned  Quilt patches of snow squares  Interspersed by scraped spots

Optimistic trees still sought warming sun  Sporting signs of summer in hopeful sprouts  A generous smatter of brown globs

Trees have always triggered a rush of joy  sloshing through my sluggish veins and  Careful feet suddenly prattled with zest
*image is from google


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