Madhav And Durga (True Story)


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Madhav and Durga were an unassuming, middle-aged couple.  They led simple down to earth lives.  They lived in a small town where they had grown up.  Madhav was a staunch Krishna Bhakta and Durga was totally devoted to Vaisho Devi mata. When they got married about thirty some years ago, to avoid any friction in their lives, they had made a pact on their wedding night that Madhav would take Durga on a yearly pilgrimage to Vaishnodevi in the mountain town of Katra, Jammu in north India without any arguments etc..  Durga on her part, would leave Madhav alone with his Krishna bhakti  and not force him into participating in any of the rituals that she observed for her beloved deity.  Thus their marriage carriage chugged along in complete harmony.


Madhav was a clerk in a local bank and never missed a day of work.  Durga augmented their earnings by stitching petticoats (sayas) and putting falls on ladies sarees or any doing small repair work that needed done by the local ladies.  After scrupulously allocating enough money for their daily needs, they squirreled away some money towards their yearly pilgrimage.  They   needed to save sufficient funds for their train fare, then maybe auto rickshaw or hand rickshaw depending on availability plus to buy offerings for the shrine, some change to place at the feet of various deities and some alms for the poor and needy.  They also needed money to pay the dharamshala/motel for staying overnight for bedding and other small requirements. To collect this much money took them a whole year.  They had managed to accumulate enough  money  year in and year out so far by carefully husbanding their meager earnings.

This year, Madhav had gotten an extra bonus from his bank during Diwali as they had made huge profits by attracting more deposits than previous years.  Hence, they were able to save for their vacation sooner.  They were all excited that now Madhav could put in a request for a v acation earlier and then they could be on their way.

Durga had been feeling a bit under the weather and was quite chilled to the bone.  She had visited one of her regular ladies for whom she did stitching work,yesterday.  This woman was quite sick and maybe Durga had picked up a bug from her.  Hot ginger tea was not helping and she meant to visit the local vaidya (ayurvedic doctor) but somehow was not able to go due to weakness.  When Madhav came home, he found Durga 
unconscious and quickly rushed her to the doctor.  She had contracted a bad case of flu and needed complete bed rest.  The vacation week was used up in taking care of Durga..  Now after five days or so, Durga felt quite like her old self and wanted to embark on her
Yearly pilgrimage.  Madhav did not have the courage to apply for more vacation as he knew the bank policies were quite rigid and he did not wish to create any problems.
But Goddess beckoned and without more ado, they simply left for the yearly pilgrimage.
In the meantime the savings had been depleted quite a bit and they did not worry, such was their faith.  As usual they enjoyed all the ceremonies and the darshan at the shrine and also managed to do everything as usual and spend money on alms and offerings and
Some for an extra ride on the rickshaw as Durga was not fully recovered.  The money in their small bag did not seem to deplete at all and they blissfully enjoyed themselves
Very much.  Now all happy and at peace, spiritually rejuvenated, they returned home.
Next day, with great trepidation, Madhav went back to work after missing a good five days of work without any sanctioned leave.  Diffidently he knocked the door of his boss’s office and heard come in.  The boss smiled when he saw him and enquired what was the matter.  Madhav said “Sir, I am very sorry that I  was out  five days more than my sanctioned leave.  Please forgive. Me.”  The boss was totally mystified and said “what are you saying madhav?.  You have been coming to work for the past five days quite punctually I might add.”  Madhav was stunned and then he understood and tears started rolling down his cheeks.  His beloved Krishna had taken his place at the office.

This is a true story and occurred about 12 years ago.  I have seen this couple who are very   down to earth, simple and pious souls

the couple are quite reclusive n unassuming
this cat came out of the bag cos the boss felt that he was in company of lord krishna
and never knew it- he was beside himself -wondering how would things hv been had he known-a lot of ifs n buts
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein
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Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.
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Gordon B. Hinckley , Religious Leader, 1910-2008, LDS President

glossary: Krishna (Hindu God)

Bhakta: disciple

Vaishnodevi: Shakti

Diwali: Hindu festival like Christmas


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