Loving And Caring

Unlikely Buddies- a dog and a kitten

Vagaries of destiny has
Thrown us oddly together
We have to forge friendship,
Our instinctive dislikes tether
Caring, sharing with one another
Being true buddies forever n ever
Love Shared by Grandpa and Grandchild

I am an unopened bud biding my time
You are a bloom well past your prime
We are bound together having
 Sprung from same tree of life
I am your pride and your joy
You the anchor of my ship n buoy
Aged Parents and Offspring
When I was helpless and dependent
You took care of me, your love ardent
You toiled day and night for me, to provide,
And demands made by me, you judiciously complied
Now I have to do right by you, take good care
Give respect, ungrudging ear and love to spare
Dad and baby Bonding
I see the proof of our mutual love in you my son
I sing you to sleep on my heart when day is done
Our hearts beat as one as our lyrics are the same
You will be clan torch bearer with same surname
We belong together bound by your sweet innocence
And my tender love, and for god my thankful reverence
Love n Care- In Sunset Years
At the CROSSROADS of our lives pop
we have to keep both our spirits up
we have to stoke the embers of love
Create mystery and meet and greet
with renewed vigor and dancing feet
prop and care for each other for keeps
Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others,
 daring for others, sharing with others.- William A. Ward 1921-,


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  1. i think these poems are very smart and caring.

    Submitted by emmy on January 31st, 2009 12:39 pm
  2. this is a beautiful poem which i read today this poem is also selected to our school magzine i wish that more poems you write to read us.

    Submitted by naman on October 3rd, 2011 11:34 pm

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