Love's Accomplices

Love’s Accomplices 


Listen gate said the lamp post
I am by far better lovers’ host
When it is dark n lovers sneak out
My glow shows them their hideout
They find their secret spots to hangout
My vigil returns them before nights out
How can you be superior to me pray tell
In my light they’ve all come under love’s spell
I’ve been party to lovers’ tiffs and make ups
I have witnessed heartbreaks and patch ups
Said the mild gate to the vain lamp post
Friend do can your crow, jarring utmost
I am the one that keeps one from the other
To meet they need to open me, tear asunder
They vault over me for trysts often as a lark
I provide excitement and panic in love’s spark
I contribute to their blood running hot and cold
Sounds of my moving clanks makes them bold
I bring extra ingredient to spike and spice up love
I pound heartbeats of these lovey doves
You are prosaic and dull like a piece of furniture
I bring life to lovers’ lives in each n every juncture
Thus gate successfully shut up the vain lamp post
Its boast crunched and crumpled like burnt toast!

***   ***   ***

 Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.

Barbara De Angelis
American Expert on Relationship & Love, Author

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