Lover’s Tryst

Every full moon night she wails

For her lover


Lovers Tryst 

Drenched in love

Soaking moonlight

Technicolor dreams

Lined silvery bright

 Hotfooting in thick mist

She had kept her tryst

Cupid had shot her a grievous blow

Had felled her by an alien elbow

 The elbow had belonged to an Adonis

Crestfallen he’d cried mercy, blown a kiss

Tears streaming she’d suddenly smiled

Falling headlong in love sans any guile

They kept their trysts where they’d first met

On full moon day by lake and branch lunette

They made plans and wove golden dreams

Eyes ecstatic despite inimical bloodstreams

Six moonlight trysts later this was their seventh

Families sworn enemies and their love at zenith

 Fearful fluttering heart desperate searching eyes

She waited for lover with prayer on quivering lips

Midway to rendezvous brother and lover clashed

Steel to steel rang out that fateful perfidious night

They slashed one another, life ebbing out of both

She languished on tree trunk waiting for betrothed

Thus she awaits her lover every full moon night

A piteous wail rising out of waters silvery bright

Unrequited love never allowed her soul to depart

Eternally waiting for lover, fate had pulled apart

They say souls of these ill fated lovers do meet

Every full moon by shimmering lake and mesquite     


Mesquite: hard wood (tree)

Lunette: crescent

 Picture is frfom internet-disclaimer


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