Love Bug

                                           (Pictures from internet- not mine)

Love Bug

Wandering in ancient ruins of the hilltop castle
We came across an exquisite relief of lovers artful


Their faces look familiar and seemed to mesmerize us awful
Four eyes became glued in fascination that made us baffle

As sun set behind the mountain peaks they came to life suddenly
Triggering a fission of fear in our bodies that was rather creepy

We tried to leave this haunted place on the trot at high speed
When suddenly my love caught me close and gave me a treat

He held me caressing mouthing endearments and giving me a peck
I inched closer holding him tight and allowed him to love me n neck

Out the blue he sank two sharp piercing fangs and had his thrill
Mesmerized and in the throes of his love I let him have his fill


Now two loving bats very much in love we circle this haunted castle
Dracula lovers are we destined to come alive as setting sun’s vassal!!!


The love-bite, it is the beginning. You will be irresistible.
Bela Lugosi Austrian, Actor

Certainly Dracula did bring a hell of a lot of joy to a hell of a lot of women. 
And if this erotic quality hadn’t come out we’d have been very disappointed.
Terence Fisher British, Director

When people ask me if Dean Martin drank, let me put it this
 way. If Dracula bit Dean in the neck, he’d get a Bloody Mary.
Red Buttons American, Comedian



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