How shall I express this love of mine as it spills here, there, everywhere. All I can hope for, being a Virgo is that it be discriminate.
Totally in love with life, besotted with baby Krishna, loyal to the nth degree, plenty of love still remains overflowing abundantly, ebbing with reluctance.
It’s natural for my granny heart to swell at the sight of my kids and their family but it equally gambols at sight of children I’ve held and known but who have since moved on. Love never abates even though these kids have moved out of my physical orbit.
One can understand that most of us can and do experience a rush of love when meeting people in person but what about feeling a sudden gush of love for people you’ve never laid eyes on except on social media… how this phenomenon plays in, never petering out.
Key must be the way these e-friends whom I truly love express themselves and their self projections via photographs and images that they share. These give a glimpse of what they are or could be in real life and that can be pleasurable and intriguing. There are a handful in whose heads I’d love a stroll to experience the breeding ground of their incredible thought processes.
Being a bookworm, good turn of phrase, uniquely expressed emotions can be quite heady, delighting no end. It also indicates the mighty hearts that so generously expose their veins thus.
When I love, I do it unconditionally as I don’t like to do anything half assed .

painting is by Raja Ravi varma


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