faceinmirrorfaceinmirror (2)

Holidays do that to me,
in fact it happens daily, am lying~ 

Lopsided Vibes

Staring at self In mirror I mirror others
Pangs of désolation Take over insides, matching dismay outside
Departed loved ones are  Now perhaps enjoying New autre “love” ties

I remain bereft-  fixated Statue on crossroads
withered Autumn leaf hovering in the in-between

Having learnt to move on, accept life
how  to come to terms with those oft missed dear
Lost faces now living in my mirror “inside”

Seer says, let go, grief pangs beam pain vibes
To newly minted dears- now departed,

Unsettling Those who are now clueless
to old loves of past lives~  staring
At self In mirror I still see others “inside”

image is from internet~


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