Longing and Satiation

Unrequited ~ Satiated self   Left true self insensate


Longings and Satiation

Physical emotions
Cravings need satiation

Chocolates flowers
Cut it just so much
Cravings stay

Body pandered to, butterfly
Mind flutters

Tickled by exquisite thoughts
Dressed in fragile words
Mind beamed captivated

Longings of heart, soul
Strings pulled taut
Ache persists

Now I wander meditate
Travel place to place
Delving within without

Man made wonders delight, natural
Wonders salve, I beak on manna
Pearls bestowed from above

Churches temples imposing edifices
Provide solace, but a child’s smile
A hopping bird has its own grace

Infinite wonder of creation, from leaf
To flowers to rivers, mountains waterfalls
My soul’s ultimate symphony, all



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