Living largely

biting life
in chewable
chunks I
so relish
firsthand living

secondhand ..hand-me-
downs stay anathema
as they simply weight
down my irrepressible
frothy spirit

miracles happen
when they will…I
spiritedly gift-wrap
miracles for
gifting self

bemused.. mildly shocked
others look askance
emotional gamuts
piano(ing) on their
collective faces

why only grab bull
by the horns deterred
by dilemmas.. why not just
ride the bull in exhilaration
whistling in life’s arenas..

saving for rainy days
is always admirable…but
my each breath is a loaner
from a frustrated and often
thwarted grim reaper

living largely
on own terms
is my thing ‘cos
living vicariously
is just not for me
image : internet


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