Live Edifice by Association

Germ of thought

Sprouted words

Words got strung

In sentences

Which in turn

Got associated

With humanity


Each person with own

Humane story

Waiting to be told

Leading to multi hued

Quilt of heaving

Humanity with myriad

Emotions -teeth clenched

for survival…biding time…


For that one moment

When a needy trusting hand

Softly steals into their hearts

Sharing simple warmth

Connections are forged-

A living protoplasm joins

Its own wee heaving isle

Of grief and joy to other

Grieving cells


A chain of life

Is formed leading

To one throbbing

Heaving heartbeat- a city

Within the concrete city

Needing no ground

To stand upright


Its foundation laid

In that hallowed ground

That is beyond time’s

Eroding hand- an edifice

of bricked human hearts

set in emotional glue

Moistened with tears


Every heart that touched

Another- left a bit

Of own heart back

At same time took piece

Of other’s heart back

Enriching this sharing

for posterity


(** this is inspired by the 911 movie Extremely Close, Incredibly Loud)


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