Lila's Resurrection

Doctor Kevin was exhausted.  He cancelled all his appointments and headed home.

Piled up on the tiny table in the foyer was today’s mail.  Most letters seemed familiar and medical profession related except one.  He picked it up curiously.   He peeled off his address and underneath found a letter addressed to: God, Central Post Office, Mumbai 400 001.   How strange!! He slit open the letter and it said: Dear God, I am in big trouble.  Today I saw a man shot dead right in front of my eyes and I am scared the killers will find me as I am the only eye witness.  Please God, help me. (as translated from Hindi)

It had no return address.  Somehow a letter addressed to God had been forwarded to him by postal mishandling!! Thoughtfully, Kevin set it aside and retired.

~~~~~       ~~~~~~     ~~~~~

Mrs. Pestonjee was turning into a royal pain.  Even extensive plastic surgery could not rejuvenate this crumbling edifice but she still wanted to throw more money.  Fountain of youth was still elusive to her and Dr. Kevin had lost patience.  He vowed to refer her to one of his hungry juniors.  He preferred restorative surgery.  Tired and dispirited he drove faster than usual.  Suddenly he had to swerve sharply as a young woman ran full tilt towards his car.  He was at the top of the slope and hence had not seen her.  Quickly she opened his car door and cowered inside and begged him to drive.  He started the car at once.  Running a few yards down the slope, were three thugs with guns.  They ran towards the woods.

~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~

Lila had found refuge in Dr. Kevin’s house but was worried about her dependent parents.  She owned a flower shop outside the famous Hindu God Ganesh’s temple and did brisk business.  She lived nearby in a cheap rented apartment that met her family’s needs.  Lila had witnessed the murder of a famous businessman two weeks ago- it was a case of botched up kidnapping and the thugs had ended up murdering their golden goose.  Now they were on the lookout for her.   She was afraid for her life and with no one to turn to- she had penned a letter to Lord Ganesh and mailed it.  She had felt that the temple priest may throw out her letter but as the lord was everywhere he will get it at the post office. Now her life was in God’s hands.  She and her family had implicit faith in Lord Ganesh.

~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~

Sister Maria was enjoying the break in her monotonous life.  Dr. Kevin had brought to the church her look alike and she was teaching her all of her peculiar habits etc. so that Lila could pass herself off as Sister Maria.  With a shoe implant, Lila even had a limp like Sister Maria.  Skilled makeup, implants and reversible plastic surgery had changed her completely..  In the interim that Lila was undergoing makeover and facial transformation, Sister Maria used to visit her parents and help out.  No one was the wiser as the nuns frequented this neighborhood and were a common sight.  Soon she was ready to take Sister Maria’s place.  In the meantime to allay suspicion, Dr. Kevin had mailed a letter in Lila’s handwriting to her parents from the Middle East saying she was happy and they should not worry.  This letter was read by the gangsters after bribing the mailman and then resealed.  Their worries were lulled.  Now dressed up as Sister Maria, Lila visited her parents daily and all was well.

~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~

The court was filled to capacity.  The businessman’s family had engaged city’s top legal firm to get justice and to put the notorious culprits behind bars for life. The media too was there in full force.  Sister Maria was seated quietly in the back and no one paid any attention to her.  The testimony had begun and due to the lack of any eye witness the defense was urging the case be thrown out.

The nun got up quietly and entered the restroom.  Suddenly there was a diversion in the corridor as a man fell down clutching his heart and screaming.  The bathroom door opened and a veiled woman quickly walked to the courtroom.  In a few minutes, Sister Maria returned and took her seat.

The defense lawyer got up and said that he would like to present to the court his star eye witness.  There was a hush in the court and the gangsters were aghast.  Lila removed her veil and boldly identified the three killers and they were sentenced for life.  The victim’s family was very grateful and awarded Lila a huge amount of money for her bravery.  There was even talk of a movie based on this case.  Lila was rich and famous.

Lila could now fearlessly stay with her parents.  With the money awarded, they moved to their village and lead peaceful lives.  Her God Lord Ganesh had not let her down.


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