Life Mosaic – a self preservation Dig

Colorful pieces- of dripped life grains
Mundane, colored,  sublime
Drudged, sieved,
churned, smudged
Real, surreal, fudged

Memories linked, delinked, owned
Some lapsed, few re-urn(ed)
on retrieval
Few hungered after, handful disdained
Kaleidoscopic past reviewed as life ordained

Restored, collated, culled, mulled
Now stronger every bit boldly eye balled
Rearranging bytes in a pleasing art form
For an end mosaic-
reassuringly palatable

A composite in bits- exciting, enticing, prosaic
Depicting reality
tinged with white lies, fairytales
Concocting eye candy, intriguingly failsafe
Jazzing up truth to better jog memory in recalls

Life chips culled from times good, bad
Moments dripping joy, grimacing with pain
Essential bytes giving heart, grey matter, conjuring
An irresistible opus beckoning
again and again

Modigliani Painting Mosaic is from internet


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