Life Mosaic

(painting by Amrita Shergill)

Life Mosaic

Sifting through dripped grains
Released by hourglass of time
I lift, gaze at moments sublime

A zip down balustrade, thick brown
ribbon holding ancient house, town
astride loving shoulders, time mown

kick firmly administered to looming nightingale
bearing topped syringe ready to stick forthwith
prior to chopping off unhappy tonsils diseased

numerous popsicles, ice creams later
coke van, hot as oven ride hospital to home
enjoying fuss and attention thereon

climbing trees, skinning knees, jumping
off heights, flying kites, touching skies
relishing bootleg guavas, green mangoes

tying strings on yellow scary buzzing wasps
desperate to fly away, then cutting them loose
fireflies glowing kerchiefs in tiny fist clasps

grandpa’s ticklish moustache, granny’s soft lap
cupboard bursting with goodies, melon, fruit cream
horse buggy rides counting stars, humid sultry nights

regaling horror movies scaring sozzled uncle
devouring whodunits nineteen to the dozens
high jinks hula hoops, dancing two by two

brash braggart falling on face many nose bleeds
escapades in nun’s quarters, other shenanigans
giggling in sad poems, bunking boring classes

loss of loved ones, goodbyes to old home, town
back in hometown with criss cross arteries skinny
clogged with life overflowing raucous cacophony

old vinyls crooning on manually wound turntable
embroidered tablecloths stained glass door window
cow birthing calf, smell of fresh hay, mango shake

birth, death, marriage parting multiplication division
funerals, heart broken goodbyes, screaming fighter jets
border town’s bane prey to encroaching enemy planes

early morning temple bells soothing tinkles’ beckon
fasts, temple visits innocent barter pacts with gods
feeding hungry fish in temple pools, elder applauds

countless exciting visits to town and country fairs
gaudy gods, garish dolls and earthen piggy banks
candy floss sticks, organ grinders, Ferris wheel rides

snake dance, monkey tricks, bears performing splits
legless lady, headless man, trick mirrors magicians
priceless booty hoarded, ash coated holy men, monks

horse camel elephant rollercoaster ride
hot air balloon corvette train, plane rides
none hold candle to tall dad’s loving shoulder 

halcyon days of childhood years lived to hilt
sweet sour haunting memories often mood wilt
sculptors all carving polishing adult figure

inner glow of serenity achieved with deliberation
purified body soul in holy waters of divine Ganges
at end of day best be true to self, kind good person


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