Life Lessons

Life Lessons- self Preservation

Mental and Physical

In the arterial ravines
Narrow souks of mind
Labyrinthine passageways
Blocked by rock fall of time

Hardened walls to shelter
Onslaught of unlike minded vision
Burst veins to stabilize pressure
To lower from danger levels risen

Smiling outward, inward grief hoarded
A treasury of precious pearls to display
Countering destiny’s blows when goaded
Cathartic tears to mend when life’s wretched

People, circumstances and lady luck Puckish
Have played cat and mouse, life checkmated
Nimble brain’s feints prevented mind mawkish
Comfort food’s gains were net loss, life was blessed

Life startles by moving like game of chess’s Knight
Forwards and diagonally, losses and gains taking toll
Sometimes on the body and sometimes on the whole
Maintaining equanimity is only way to win life’s fight

I meander inwards in these narrow bylanes of mind
swabbing patching salving salvaging to harden as rind
pliant resilient absorbing deflecting as on duck’s back
untimely seasonal deluges to weather under attack

now happily I waltz about on inner cloud nine
inner self conversing, self willed, propeller mine
realms inside are a world in itself like galaxies
once immersed in this divinity rest are fallacies


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