life, death, life





certain words resonate only too well. As we flirt with life, so do we with death. death holds greater sway than life even though its a given.
life an unknown with too many slips from proverbial cups to lips.
I’ve been on death vigils and observed the moment when death scythed last breath from lips gently easing a living person to big sleep.
June 2nd 1998 I too went thru this – only I had to wear widow’s weeds, toss my joie de vivre in the pyre, eyes downcast sheeplike become a target for cruel snide remarks, thoughtless gibes and lascivious glances. Fierce as a tigress, i tossed my insipid clothes, threw back my head and laughing heartily flirted with life, death, life. Miraculously my beloved baby Krishna literally took me by hand and together we boarded plane to my now wonderful homeland with a wonderful life partner.
Going thru the whole nine ten yards of death rituals at banks of river ganges, emotionally in limbo, can’t recall how I really felt … I did fight tooth and nail with the grim reaper as my first hubby lay dying due to sheer negligence of a doctor… I lost the battle…but have won over the grim reaper as nothing can keep me down in this life…no siree.. so there….



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