Life Cycle


Life cycle~

Life is a breath

When it becomes a sigh

Innocence dies

Phoenix rises~


She left first home

Lips aquiver, hole in heart

Not all journeys begin

With a flourish


Vagabond for two years

Took experiences’ knocks

On chin but naïveté

Loyally never deserted


Downward spiral

Hurled down an abyss

She lost herself in the hole

In heart she began with


Quarter century

A live dead automaton

Mouthing conditioned responses

Until fate relented, interceding


Karma ran full circle

She rode second cycle

Tumbling stumbling

Phantom hands cushioning


Smudging, crossing

Delineated lines

Defiant, proud

Learnt to stand upright


Loosely attached

Bodily, wholly detached

She plays the game

By rote ever emoting


She had arrived completing

Second karmic circle

Beat up conscience

More than less, intact~

Painting is by Freda Kahlo




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