Yesterday to ward off cacophony   Of streaming back to back traffic   Mind paid mind to inner stream                                                                      While hastening to an appointment

As caregiver mercilessly kneaded needy  Muscles and weepy joints ironing out kinks   And wrinkles, mind blotted out pain and lyre(d)   Exquisite verses on strings of inner feelings

Occasionally given to sidestepping inner   Voices due to busy(ness), real and/or delusional   Finally straightened mental shoulders, pleading  Suppressed emotions to boldly spring forward

Having made a covenant with self few years ago  It was time to mend breaches, be true to inner “me”   Eat sleep act react “soulfully” with self-realization  That “soul” was the only gold in this world of dross

Today May 3rd 2014 emerging from sleep, sat on stoop  Steps and deeply inhaled predawn’s cool bracing air  Enjoying impromptu chorus by chirpy feathered friends Walls dissolved, I became bird, chorus, observer, observed~~



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