leaf out of memory book


Ram Leela of the 1950s in old Delhi
Bombay was no less in this regard as every winter, two brothers hot footed from northern chill to warming lucrative arms of old Mumbai.

Everyone in our old world neighborhood quickly finished dinner and after ensuring their men were safely tucked in, eagerly made way to the venue where these two brothers would narrate with hand motions and at times with wondrous tableaux our two great Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharta as well as stories on Lord Krishna with his various childhood pranks called Krishna Leela. Those were the wonder years. Eyes as large as saucers we would joyfully lap it all up as it was the next best to the taboo(ed) world of movies when we were kids. One thing that sticks out of memory bank is this memory of a friend’s impressionable elder sister so taken with these brothers, ran away with one of them, hotly pursued by horrified parents and then this runaway was hastily married off to an army man overnight.


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