Lazy Susan


On surfeit of forty winks
And then some, this day
Of March 27th, 2014…
Mind being too groggy
To wrap thought
Pigs in blankets
Had an “Eureka”
Breakfast moment~

Cannot allow
Fits and starts
Endeavors to whittle
Down to a mournful
Grey morning ~

Hastily extracted
treasured dowry
Gifted Lazy Susan
From antique china cabinet
Loading mouthwatering
Words in its hungry
Shallow depressions
Lazily twirling Susan~

Memories flooded
Plunging down rabbit’s
Hole to closet laden
With ivory carved music
Box with twirling pink
Ballerina my childish eyes
Enjoyed for hours on end

Of a non-poem
Is now served
Mon cher
Messieurs et Mesdames
Bon Appétit – Petit Dejeuner~


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