Lines forming in labyrinthine passageways of mind

Endless, serpentine, ideas jostling eager to be heard

Some are playfully childish hard put to control, tether

A flood, a deluge keeps pouring in, streaming unabated

Screaming to be heard throwing tantrums flouncing pouts

Leaving me in disarray which to heed, from which to stray



A prolific mind aware of time’s paucity, is a ticking bomb

Judiciously husbanding what to retain, what disband

Burning candle at both ends garrulous, scrambling nonstop

Regurgitating thoughts captive in nether regions of heart

Some stillborn, aborted, amputated, mutilated others


Allowed to go full term, sprout, pollinate, propagate



Meaningless babble trapped in mind’s labyrinth simmer

Ready to blow top, blast off, land in friendly regions, clime

Amidst kindred spirits giving ear simpatico, not dismiss

hurled to exist in a void, time capsule in virtual black hole

till the day this avalanche of outpourings shall hold captive

receptive minds, now enchanted by them over time


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