Kaleidoscopic 5


Poet’s mind    Pooling nuances                   Exquisite expressions               Word filigreed,  spider-                                                     Webbed, opined ~


Hued, seasonally Nature’s skullduggery  Wild swerves from glorious Shades Verde to pristine flakes Redolence of smoldering autumn~


Slow awakenings to garden choruses  Tentative trot into the world of living  Deeply inhaling dew laden perky air Uplifted face paying homage to sun’s  Errant rays steadily gathering momentum~


Culling hoarded bytes, bits  That’d tickled poetic mind, pink   Often straining as bucket from well  All merging from four corners to jell, giving   Novel slants to old hag ideas’ show and tell~

Grist Flick

Mind’s wrist flicks  Fodder for poet’s grist mill   Tarot card picks, zodiac signs’   Erroneous wool pulls over eyes   Delivery, reception, anybody’s guess~


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