Just Deserts

Reeling from my recent shock
Heart beating violently tick tock
I found self back at my favorite rock

Beholding vastness of nature’s spread
My heart emptied of foreboding dread
Cold-bloodedly I plotted eyes seeing red

Husband and best friend had robbed my inheritance
Skillfully fooling me camouflaging their foul intents
I realized this after changed game and circumstance

Perfidious friend was a beautiful widow with kids two
Dispossessed I left my home with trusted nanny sans ado
I started from scratch using my genetic skills to them outdo

Trusted retainers in family business covertly my enemies defied
Waited agog for a green signal to implement plan from my side
False dissemination of information I let loose like a landslide

Greed, get rich quick mentality had them eating out of my hand
Bad decisions soon had them floundering in financial quicksand
Inheritance built over generations was reduced to mere pittance!

Quietly I bought back my house and business on the auction block
Turning tables using grey cells making proud Mr. Alfred Hitchcock
A geek friend cheekily siphoned off their personal accounts, my last rock

Repossessing what was rightfully mine and booting out the enemy
Victory felt sweet having vanquished them sans bloodletting wisely
Now its time to rollout red carpet n have rollicking NEW YEAR party

All said and done I am back seated on my favorite rocky ledge
It always fills me up with self confidence, strength and courage
Doling just deserts is okay to those who backstab after filial pledge 



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